Command Flowchart

Command execution interface

This application mainly supports the execution of a series predefined commands. The main features include:

  • Logic flow and data flow. Logic flow refers to the execution order of commands that requires logic control, which often incurs side effects. For example, “if” statements and arbitrary Bash commands requires logic control. Data flow refers to manipulation of data. This operation is usually a simple transformation on data. For example, adding numbers and concatenating strings require only data flow.
  • Logic execution. The back end executes the logic flow one node at a time. Following the specified order. If a logic node has dependencies on data node, the system automatically back track to acquire all data. All intermediate results are cached.
  • Strong typed data flow. All data flow has a strong type checking. The types are all color coded and only types of the same color can be connected. Conversion nodes between colors are available.
  • Compile time dependency checking. Before execution of the graph, the system checks suspicious connections that may result in circular dependencies (A requires the data produced by B and B requires the data produced by A)
  • Force killing. Users will be able to kill the process at any time.

Project Summary

This project is my own experiment of the graphical interface for programming with flowcharts

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