Search Plus Chrome Extension

A Chrome extension for navigation and search

This extension is designed to support more ways for information search within a web page and help users to navigate through web pages more easily.

  • Navigation feature allows user to navigate the pages with VI-like ways (HJKL keys for scrolling) and word search is restricted to hyperlinks within the visible portion of the page. Shift + Enter will allow the user to follow the link. This allows users to navigate web pages without touching the mouse.
  • Normal search and multi-highlighting allow user to search words within a document. Normal search is essentially Ctrl+F; multi-highlighting searches for all space separated words and highlight them with different colors.

An in-browser script executor

This extension exposes the page DOM environment to the user. Users can simply write Javascript in the window and get them evaluated on the current page. This can be a simple calculator or make quick visual changes on the current page.


Project Summary

This is an individual project. I designed and implemented it all.

Multi-word search

Code execution

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