SAPIEN: A SimulAted Part-based Interactive ENvironment


I lead the development of SAPIEN Engine, which is a high-level interface for Nvidia PhysX simulator. My contributions include the following:

  • Full API design.
  • Robot integration.
  • PartNet-Mobility Dataset integration.

SAPIEN Asset: PartNet-Mobility Dataset

PartNet-Mobility dataset is a large-scale articulated object dataset that provides the content for SAPIEN environment. It contains more than 2K object models with more than 14k movable parts. This dataset is annotated by our group, based on the PartNet dataset. My contributions include:

  • Implemented and maintained the entire annotation interface, including NodeJS backend, MySQL database, and Angular 2 frontend.
  • Designed the entire annotation procedure and goals.

SAPIEN Renderer

I created SAPIEN Renderer from scratch using OpenGL and OptiX. My contributions include:

  • Developed OpenGL rasterization based renderer for visualizing the scene.
  • Developed GPU ray-tracer with Nvidia OptiX for physically accurate rendering.
SAPIEN Kitchen

Project Summary

SAPIEN is a PhysX-based simulation environment that incorporates a large-scale articulated object dataset. It is suitable for robotics manipulation and learning tasks.

Simulation Demo

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