CUMTD Bus Assistant

The repository is private since it is a course project.

CUMTD Real-time bus schedule

This app supports the following features for bus systems in the Champaign-Urbana area:

  • Nearby bus stop listing
  • Real-time bus schedule
  • Real-time bus location
  • Bus stop search
  • Favorite bus stops
  • Arrival alarm for buses
  • Bus trip planning

The main focus of this app is to gain experience of user interface design. We followed the iterative design process, analyzed previous app designs and recognized problems, tested prototyping at various fidelity and user studies.


Project Summary

This is the final project for the UI design course at UIUC, I was the team coordinator of a group of 5 (4 in the end). I am the main program designer of this app. I led the implementations and was responsible for all the details. I collaborated with visual designers and finished the app successfully.

Application on device

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